Friday, February 01, 2008

In Rock Island

Hello everybody, I have not posted in a few days. I have been busy visiting with my neices and nephews. They are the ones I have talked about before.

Anyway I am here with a couple of them. I have not asked their mother's permission to put up pictures of them. So I will not at this time. I did take a few pictures and if I am allowed I will put them up when I get home. I also forgot to pack the cable thing that will take the pictures of the camera. They are currently laughing at my bad spelling and grammer. Believe it or not I acutally edit this thing before I put it out. I am just a lousy editor.

Also as I type this thing Sierra is reading it outloud over my shoulder. It is like I am having my life narrated. It is kind of neat. If I had the money I would hire a narrator for the rest of my life. It might get annoying after a while. Still, I have not reached that point yet.

Is there anything that the two would like to say to the people who read this blog?

Well I am waiting. Is there anything you want to say?

Sierra says "I don't know"

Tasha say "OOO OOO"

"Tasha says I would love to meet them sometime." She said the whole line including that she said it. Sierra is continuing to read as I type. She is really good at guessing what I am trying to say even though I am mispelling stuff.

Monogahela, Duquesne, Allegheny, Juniata. I just wanted to see if she would try and say those words. She did even though she pronounces them wrong. It was really funny. I suppose you had to be here.

Anyway, I am still working on the sweaters. I took a break to make some hats. I made a couple on the train up here. Or I suppose it over here. the Quad Cities is not really that much further north than Pittsburgh. It was more of a lateral move than an north south move. Although i did get to go to Chicago on the way.

I have always loved Chicago. they have great pizza. You know the deep dish style that you do not see very much around Pittsburgh. We have been contaminated by New York too much.

On to some knitting news. I visited The Yarn Shop in davenport Iowa today. It is just called The Yarn shop. It is a small little shop with a ton of yarn packed into it. It is in the Paul Reever Square shopping area. If you are in Davenport it is worth a look.

The staff was very freindly and did not assume I was looking for yarn for my wife. This is always something that i look for in a yarn shop. Also they had a good selection Plymoth Yarns and a couple other that i like. I did take a picture of the outside of the place. Still, once again I cannot up load it because I forgot the cord.

Well I am going to hang out with the kids while they are here. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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