Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sweater Saga Continues

I put the first sleeve on the first sweater today. It has been a while since I worked on a sweater. I am aware that this is a actually a cardigan. I am not sure why I keep calling it a sweater. I suppose if I were English I would be calling it a jumper, but I digress.

Well as you can see there is a single sleeve on this sweater, I mean Cardigan. You can see the broad rainbow Mexicana strip I was rambling on about earlier.

There is also that purple bit that goes where the snaps are going to go. In case any one cares. That bit is the rank color of the clown. Purple is the Master Clown color and so that makes this my sweater. This is good because I had myself there to try it on as i was working on it.

Moving along, This type of sweater will be worn for practices and going to and from shows. Those that know the Army know that we have uniform that are like modified suits. In the case of the Eastern Territory of the United States out uniforms are evil. They have been made from some sort of indestructible polyester that never breaths. On the other side in the winter they do not hold in heat. But in the summer they will not let it escape. It is as if someone designed a uniform that was uncomfortable at all costs.

This is part of the reason for the Brigade to have Uniform sweaters. They are more comfortable and will allow us to move as we do stuff.

The arms in these sweaters are larger around than average sweaters as is the space under the arms. This give you a greater range of motion for juggling and other activities common to clowning.

The extra space in the arms also helps to keep the sweater in place at the bottom as well. This helps keep it from ridding up during juggling. There is nothing worse than having your jumper ride up while you are riding your unicycle. that is another story that was told to me by and English person. But, I digress

You may not be able to see it but there is not ribbing around the arms. This also adds to the free range of motion.

I am a bit happy with the ribbing around the bottom of the sweater. I may undo it and redo it in a smaller needle. I will certainly change it on all of the future versions of the sweater.

Also added to the sweater is place for shoulder loops. This particular shoulder loop is the still unapproved shoulder loop for the Brigade. It is your basic Salvation Army loop with clown rank added.

Also barley visible is a pleat just bellow the rank insignia that takes up the slack in the shoulder. This is useful and important. It makes the shoulder less puffy. One does not want to do the pirate thing while in uniform.

Well be safe out there everyone and keep your stick on the ice.


metal and knit said...

I will say I love the sweather come cardi. If it was in my hands I would approve the eppaulates and feel they are worthy to note your section.

May you bring a blessing and a message to all you and your brigade come into contact with. The army needs a boost like yours and if there are stick in the muds that dont want it well they should remember William Booths Mission and his famous Ill fight speech.

Booth stepped out where the churches were not reaching so may your clown brigade do so as well

Stephieface said...

Its looking good!
Don't worry, I call basically anything that isn't a shirt a sweater, I may even traipse into Hoodie territory.... most things though are "sweaters".

Terri Lynn said...

Wow! It looks great! I have to tellyou, my Great Grandfather, on my mother's father's side was a one man band for Sally!

knittingmama said...

Hey that looks wonderful!! Way to go!

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