Thursday, January 10, 2008

All Over the Map Today

Long time readers of this blog may remember me talking about some who was joking about flying in Denver to crank on the Marley. Well on Tuesday she showed up. This is Terri Lynn she is from Denver. She thinks the Marley is cool.
It has been a while since I have talked about the Marley. Quite frankly since I have hurt my hand we cannot do the routine that The Marley will be use for. With my wing on the mend I will probably be able to do it by the spring or super. So it is back to cranking on the Marley.
Terri Lynn has a son in the Military who is stationed here. So she was visiting him as mother often do. She looked up Ravelry to find that there was a group meeting at our shop. She called us up and asked if the group was meeting. I said that we were. When she showed up my clowness came up in conversation. She wanted to know if I knew the clown that was making The Marley.
Normally this would be a case a clown profiling. All clowns do not know each other. We do have a secret computer network that ties us all together. Well that is only used for world domination purposes not long scarves. But I digress.
Anyway in this case I happened to be that clown. So she had a dream. And she found me in a shop through a web site neither of which existed when she first had that dream.
On other fronts we had a great Clown practice yesterday. This is Amber she is beginning to master the standard three ball juggling pattern.
In the clown world this is cool stuff. She is almost finished with the Basic Clowning Proficiency. It is kind of like getting the first rank in Boy Scouts. Except that she is a girl and wears more make up than most Boy Scouts. And we don't spend time in the woods unless something has gone terribly wrong. Although many clown have very large tents. Oh never mind you know where I am going with this. And by the way if you do know where I am going with this please let me know. I am not sure.
I apparently also misspelled the name of my shop again. I called it Natural Snatches. Personally I like it better. We should stop pretending that knitting and yarn are not additions. Come on down and snatch some yarn at Natural Stitches or Snatches.
Other interesting things are happening in the Yarn world here in Pittsburgh. They are a secret though. Yes clown and knitter making secret stuff happen. Actually I am serious about this. Stay tuned and I will let you know when there is news.

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Terri Lynn said...

I so want to learn to do three! My hubby and I are into yo-yo's, we have a small collection. He's super good at yo-yo, yeah, he's in the state of yo!

I love your blog and your mission!!!!
What fun glory to God!!!! You're a blessing!

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