Sunday, January 06, 2008

Rumors and Such

Hey folks it is me again. Here to ramble on about this and that. As many of you know I am now working in a Yarn store called Natural Snitches. I may be bias but I believe it to be one of the finest yarn store in existence. And it has the largest selection of yarn and the most knowledgeable staff in the area.

Long time reader may remember my response to a whisper campaign started by a local blogger against the store. Well there is another such attack against the store that has started.

Some one is saying that Natural Stitches has very little yarn. This cannot be further the truth. We have every color of Cascade 220, Dark Horse Fantasy, Dark Horse Desert Rose, Comfort and that is just what I can remember off the top of my head.

We have the best use of space and the best organization of any yarn shop that I have been in Western PA. Anyone that says half our selves are empty has not been in the store and is a liar.

And anyone that has any thing bad to say about the staff should also think again. We have four dedicated knitting, crochet and spinning teacher. Combined we have over sixty years of knitting spinning and crochet experience. Very few stores can make such a claim. Figuring the entire staff I am sure we have around eighty years of fiber arts experience.

We have also dedicated ourselves to providing the best yarn for the best price. So many stores get into the name game. We have Malabrigo and Rowan but we are not going to push it onto you if that is not what you need.

I had a customer last week that wanted to buy something to knit something for a toddler. I suggested the Fantasy from Dark Horse which she had never heard of before. She told me horror story of the first sweater that she made for this child. She had been sold a bundle of Malabrigo. The child's rushed mother washed it with everything else. ruining the sweater.

Another thing that bothers me is a bushwhacked attitude has toward their LYS. People come into the store and comment on how comfortable it is. They then say they wished they had a place like our store where they could knit. When I tell them they can knit in our store they look like I just hit them with a brick. It never occurs to them that they can knit in a Yarn Store. What kind of jack up thinking is that.

I hang out at my local Magic Shop { for clowns that is the LMS}. I bring a frosty beverage and shoot the breeze with my magic dealer. We talk about God Children, the fact that David Blain is weird and what every else strikes out fancy. Why do Yarn People think they can't knit at a LYS.

The reason is clear. There are a bunch of unfriendly LYS out there. Any if you don't think your store has a problem. Ask yourself, do people ask to knit in your store?

Well I have rambled on about this enough. IF you hear a rumor about a LYS go to that LYS and check it out for yourself.


Steel City Knitter said...

I don't normally bother teasing about typos because I average five or six a post myself, but I have to say, "Natural Snitches?" Lol.

Anonymous said...

I loved the shop! This weekend was my first visit and I am looking forward to going back. Shame on people with their rumors. While I did see some empty spaces, I figured that is for yarn that's on its way.

Kath said...

I'd give that post a strong "Huzzah!"

Unfortunately (for me and others) what should and could be my LYS changed ownership a year ago. The new owner has her own very definite ideas about how to run it, what yarns she wants to stock, and what she wanted to change from how it was in the past. Sadly most of her ideas are geared to what she thinks and not based on what the customers want. One of the first changes she made was to get rid of the table and chairs because "they're just taking up space" so I don't knit there anymore - I go to a coffeeshop instead. And I buy my yarns, etc. online or in other shops I visit.

I seriously doubt I'll ever be in your area - but if I was I would absolutely pay Natural Stitches a visit, it sounds wonderful!

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