Saturday, January 12, 2008

Star Ships and such

I have been insanely busy with the book and my various other projects. There are several ships that are in the series. The one to the left is the one ship that is in most of the books that i am working on. The H.M.S. Lt. Col. Yanni Tojo Maru is Brigadier Mason's ship and a Salvation Army Rescue Cutter. A rescue cutter is basically a hospital, church, soup kitchen, ambulance and fire brigade rolled up in one.
I am still working on the color scheme of the ship. She will be all white probably with a red stripe that runs the length of the ship. Much like the Duster Response Units that The Army uses in my area.
She is a fairly big ship by our standards with 9,500 crew and three hangers with over a hundred away craft. The arm things above and bellow are docking ports for two larger rescue corvettes capable of dealing with a small regional disaster on their own.
I fist came up with the ship sixteen years ago when I first read In Darkest England. there is a brief chapter about something Booth called The Salvation Army Ship. I am not sure if one was over commissioned. I do know that there have been and continue to be Salvation Army Naval united. The Lole, De Febe and Queen Maud to name a few.
Also in the story I am working on is the U.S.S. Churchill an American Naval Battle Cruiser named for Winston Churchill. I am still working on a picture of that one. The Churchill is Commodore Jefferson's ship.
By the way I do know that the U.S. Navy does not have Commodores at the moment. The Navy has had the rank on and off for years in one form or another. The navy does currently have a ship named for Winston Churchill. To the best of my knowledge the Navy does not have star ships at the moment. Still, I am betting this is only a temporary set back.
Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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