Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Practice Practice and some more practice.

A fun day was had at the shop and during practice. Looking down at the last couple entries i realize that I have not posted a picture of the finished clown sweater. Since the blogger is still giving me heart burn I have gone to the old standby photobucket. So if these pictures show up funny let me know. I probably wouldn't do anything about it. Still, it is nice to know these things

By the way this is the full duty/ practice uniform as it stands now. We are still debating what sort of hat should be worn with it. The hat in the picture is the hat I wore with my uniform from my for profit clown troupe. We have been thinking that maybe we should be wearing Salvation Army hats.

This would lead us to another interesting dilemma. Male and female clowns were the same hats. At least they did in the troupe that I ran and the one I came up in. We don't have to decide today. Still, I am not going to wear a female hat. So that means all the women in the Brigade will have to wear male hats. In the Eastern Territory the man do have much better hats.

Any way that brings us to other uniform stuff. Apprentice Aarasen just got his first full uniform from trade. As with every piece of clothing you get from trade there is some assembly requires. In most Corps you have one of the kindly ladies from the Home League alter your uniform. Here at Steel Valley Corps we do things a bit differently. You have to ask the kindly Master Clown from the Special Service Brigade.

Moving along we have a new apprentice with us during practice today. Apprentice Prealu was working on the all important selecting a clown face. This is her trying to find a wig type.


She is still working on it. We finally did settle on a Doris Day style wig for her. She is still torn on weather the wig will be red or green. She has settled on white face and a blue nose. Ahh a girl after my own heart. At this point we I am the only white fact clown in the Brigade. Everyone else is Auguste or a Carpet clown.

There is still hope for Apprentice Stewart and Apprentice Speigel. Neither have settle on a face yet. One of them might choose to be a while face.

Before I had the beard I had a blue nose. Unfortunately with the blue beard there was just to much blue in my face so I switched my nose color.

Well that is probably more than you ever wanted to know about clown noses and such. Be safe out there and keep you stick on the ice.

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