Friday, February 15, 2008

Just Checking In

It has been a while since I have posted. After I go back from Illinois my basement flooded taking out our phone and internet service. The Water Heater is replaced as is most of what is damaged. I still have to pick up some phone cord to get my internet back on line so I am posting this from the shop. If I have been really smart I would have thought of typing at home and uploading at the shop a couple weeks ago.

Anyway, I have lots to talk about and I will try and keep it to knitting relevant type stuff. We had a Knit and Crochet festival here in Pittsburgh over the weekend. It was a packed no room to breathe event as it was last year. The truth is I am not much of a festival person. I had to be there this year with the shop.

On the up side I did get to see a lot of people that I do not see on a regular basis.

On other knitting news. I just wanted to mention that there is something that Natural Stitches is going to be bringing to Pittsburgh. It is a nice little thing for the knitting community at large. It is also a surprise. Well it is a surprise because I do not know if I am allowed to tell people yet. Any if Martha or another shop person reads this don’t spoil it. I have like a whole production number thing I want to do to announce it. It will be really cool if you are into knitting.

Also in knitting type news stuff. I have had several people as for pattern for some of the strange things that I make. So I have decided to drag out the idea of the Etsy shop again. One again I would like to state that Natasha is my hero in the knitting world. She make really cool yarn and there is link to her on the right over there.

Anyway back to the subject at hand. I have decided to make up pattern and sell the on line for several of the projects that I have done over the years. The first one that I am going to roll out is my newest pattern, the Lucy Dolittle Scarf. This is a great little pattern that I will be talking about more as time goes on. I just made up one of these as a test bed for Dark Horse Fantasy as a yarn for clown props. It has made it through the first couple tests and we will see how it does over time. In the mean time I think I am going to make one out of the old standby Red Heart while I am waiting. I will have pictures of it after our next practice.

As for where the shop is I will let you know when I have finished setting it up. I did all the Etsy stuff a couple weeks ago before everything when haywire at the homestead.

Just as a question for poling. How many people out there use Pay Pal. I thinking of making it the preferred payment method for Zeeppo’s Store (Inspired Name Right). I have not really used it much so I am interested in what other people have to say about it.

I am still in the middle of doing some project for the nieces and nephews. I am going to finish a hat for Tank today. I am still working on Sierra’s scarf. It is a pink thing with a ribbon carried along in the center of the scarf. It is doing a funky curving thing as the moment. I will have to crochet an edge or seam it in some way.

There is men’s Knitting tonight at the shop. We have consistently had a few guys in for that. I don’t know how many we have had thus far but it is nice to see the thing doing well. If I think about it I will get some pictures.

Well that is just about it for the moment. I did want to talk a little about the nephews but I don’t have that post done yet. Be safe out there everyone and keep your stick on the ice.


Anonymous said...

i use paypal


Anonymous said...

i use paypal alot


Stephieface said...

I prefer PayPal. On Craftster there is a etsy shop thread and its often discussed. Most prefer payPal for ease of payment and trackability... its also nice to have someone with a policy to back you up if there is a problem.
So far, most of the issues I've seen with payment and etsy stem from people who do not use PayPal. They send bouncy checks or "forget" to send payment.
The email alerts from PayPal when someone pays you can be quite valuable.... also the tracking is nice. You can choose PayPal as preferred and still accept other forms of payment, you'll probably get convo'ed by a buyer if there is an issue.

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