Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Blogger Issues Planning a Blog Contest

Blogger is once again not letting me open pictures. It is at times like this that you realize that you have not uploaded that pictures that you want to.

I have not put up pictures of the kids or the Dolittle scarf. I also took a sequence of pictures making the giant pompom for Lucy Dolittle's hat. Oh well

On other fronts book work continues slowly on various projects.

I am thinking of running a contest on my blog. I am trying to get blankets for our shelter here in Pittsburgh. We have been getting squares to make blankets. They are six inches square I think. I will have to look up the paper work. What sort of prize would make you all want to knit or crochet squared of cloth and send them to me?

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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Stephieface said...

A 6 inch square?

I know that over at Ravelry in the AnkhMorpork Knitting Guild, we're making a blanket for Terry Pratchett... no prizes are given but everyone's clamoring to make more than one square... in fact, Once someone makes a square its not unheard of for them to then sign up as a sub alternate in case someone else pulls out. They are even shipping these squares to Scotland (some mail fares have been like $11)........

.... the whole draw is not that its just for TerryP but that the squares themselves are little expressions of super creativity (seriously, one young lady made a Luggage square complete with open and closing mouth and extra clothes to put inside).

Are your squares plain? Acrylic/Wool? I am lame... this is the first I've heard of this.

Personally, I wouldn't want a prize for doing charitable work.... isn't the point of charity to do something to help others and not expect to get anything in return?
I would however like to know more about the squares, and where to send them (and what I would be allowed to embellish them with).


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