Monday, February 04, 2008

The Good Adolph, The Good Whitey and Cute Kids

The Quad Cities is a town like many others in many ways. Yet unlike most town they stradle the boarder of Iowa and Illinois. It is the home of John Deer and my seven Neices and Nephews. It is also were my wife grew up.
In a lot of ways it is trapped in the 50s. One of these ways is the popular ice cream stand Whitey's. I can't imagine that you get away with calling an ice cream stand Whitey's in Pittsburgh or New York. Still, this is the Quad cities where anything goes. It is like Vegas without the sin.
Anyway this is Carol inside a Whtiey's in Moline. By the way the Quad Cities is Moline and Rock Island Illinois and Bettendorf and Davenport Iowa.
And like the Man or Whitey who has been oppressing people for generations this Whitey's has the best of everything. Look at how happy Carol is with her Sugar Free Moose Tracks ice cream.
Person ally I have met moose in the wild. I would not want to eat anything they left behind. This even trandlates to things that they are named for.
Another Quad Cities thing that you will not fine anywhere else is Adolph's Mexican Food. I have been looking around trying to figure out how a Mexican kid got the name Adolph. No one has been able to answer this question. Still, the man knows Mecian food.
And unlike the Adoph the rest of us know and loath this guy appear to be a good guy by all reports. He also opened his first taco stand long before that Austian Idiot went goose stepping across Europe.
One of the draw back of Pittsburgh is that we do not have access to great Mexican food on every corner. This is not the case in the Quad Cities. Besides Adolphs there is also Rudy's {Yeah I don't know why a guy named Rudolph opened a Taco Stand either}. There are also tons of mom and pop places all over. With the Exception of El Campencino and a Taqueria on the Sotuh Side Pittsburgh are stuck with Taco Bell and Quedoba.
Onto some picture of my neices. I have three neices Charae who is picture bellow. She is athletic and laughs at my jokes. What more can you ask for. This was unfortunately the first time that I have gotten to meet here. At this point she is in the final stages of her adoption.
She plays basketball and her favorite color is blue apparently {She had me make here a blue hat}.
She is also a better bowler than I am. I could claim that I was handicapped by my bad hand. Still, even if my hand was just find I am fairly sure she would have beaten me. All of this kids have a bizzare attachment to bowling. When I was I kid I suppose it was not that popular. In the Cities it is like a minor religion.
Another kiddo that is waiting to be adopted by my sister in law is Sierra. She is the quiet studious one that does not like to have pictures taken of her. Out of respect for her I will not put her picture up on the blog even though I sneaked a couple when she was not looking. She is also a better bowler than I am.
I will probably have to find some one to tach me how to bowl, but I digress.
My last neice has been adopted for a while. And as you can tell by her picture she is a shrinking flower that does not like attention. Tasha {who think I pronouce her name funny} makes is a Disney Cartoon look reserved. She was the flower girl at both our weddings and is growing into a lovely young lady.
She got robbed during bowling and still managed to get more strikes than I did.
She is bouncy and bubbly and life of the party where every she goes. She reminds me of a what I thought I was like as a child.
She also got a red hat {So there was knitting on this trip}. I am currently working on a pink scarf for Sierra and a blue hat for her brother.
Hopefully my wife and I will be able to bring them to Pittsburgh during the summer. They are great kids who are going through a rough time at the moment. Still, even though they are not biologically from the same parents you can not tell that they haven't been a family since birth.
I write about the boys in my next entry. I am still going through all of the pictures that I took on this trip. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.
The spell check is not working on this thing. I hope it is not that hard to read.

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Excellent Mexican food is one of the best things about living in Southern California for me. No Taco Hell or any of that other garbage - we get the good stuff here!

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