Thursday, February 21, 2008

Good Times

As noted I was suggested that Natural Sitches would have a surprise for the Pittsburgh Knitting Community. The papers have been signed and everything is in place.

Natural Stitches has decided to sponsor Knit and Crochet Today on PBS. It will start on MArch 17 at 2:30. With our sponsorship WQED has bought all 13 avalible episodes. This a great a shop much better than anything that has been avalible in recent years.

As stated in our slogan Where Pittburgh Knits Together, we would like to improve the Pittsburgh knitting community. I didn't learn to knit in any of the tradition places that people learn to knit. In fact after I learned I decided that I wanted to take my knitting to the next level.

Now this was a few years back and many of these people have moved on or are not around. But when I went to the shops in the area I sort of felt like a freak. I suppose a few years back male knitters was an oddity. So without a shop to call home, (I used to hang out in the Woolworth's downtown. Yes I am a Red Heart Junky, you want to make something of it?).

Back then there were not many public groups of people just knitting. So I went to the guilds. I went to two of the locals guild. One turned me away outright and the other made me feel like trash.

That is the nice thing about this show. It has a freindly feel and is exceptionally informative. It also pay Crochet it's dues.

With the exception of classes at your local yarn shop there are few places to learn to knit or crochet. I remeber a really freindly guild in Toronto that attended craft fairs and even had a couple folks that would come out and speak at your organization.

Grumpy knitters should be on notice. We want everyone out there to be knitting. WE are going to be freindly and give you the best information that we can.

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