Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sprucing up Stuff

With work on the books progressing i took a bit of time to try an fix a couple nagging things on the blogs. For some reason I could not get new gadets working on this blog. I do have to put up a link to the yarn man blog. I did find the other half of the first story. So I have both of those gizmos up on that blog. When I get a link it should be easier to find.

I did get a good deal of work done on the Clown Brigade's Blog. The calendar was not working on it and I didn't have a followers gadget up on it. So now all of that has been put right. We still don't have access to the internet in our offices. So that slows us up a bit on working on the blog. On the up side when we are on line everyone in the Brigade can blog.

I have to figure out where I put the camera. I have some pictures from our installation of new Soildiers. I am told Walt looks cute in his new uniform.

Any way I will check back when I have some pictures.

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