Monday, December 15, 2008

Pipe Tone Organ - Ballington Booth

I forgot my camera at the Corps so there will be no pictures in this post. This is especially sad because I have been taking pictures recently.

The book continues to dominate my time. I think I have found a solution to one of the problem that has been nagging me about the entire thing. The book has a fair amount of time traveling in it. Because of the way the series is there are multiple overlapping story arcs that take place over centuries. These arcs intersect the main story at various places. Some of them last the entire series while other only a couple books or one book.

It is a bit like watching Hill Street Blues. The only difference is there are no cops lot of aliens, time travelers and some of the story lines take place out of sequence or backwards. Well, really it is not much like Hill Street Blues. When I am working on the book I often watch shows on the Hulu. And I went through all of Hill Street Blues again. That was a really cool show.

Anyway, the over lapping story problem that I was talking about. I have figured that each book has a single even that all of the other arcs are trying to effect one way or another. At first I was putting down the dates and times as part of the chapter title. This did nothing to show the relationship of what has happening. So I will label the chapter that contains the main event as such I will then list all of the other chapters as before or after that single event.

So I chapter would have the chapter title and then how many days or years before the main event they take place. And when it get closer to the main even they will be listed in hours or minutes. I am not sure if I should call this the main event. I really need to come up with a good name for the Ground Zero event of each book.

On the up side the book kind of makes seance when you read it cover to cover. That is if you can understand my misspellings and such. In another couple weeks I might even be able to let someone read it without being horribly embarrassed by my errors.

On a random bit of something I have been watching some of the anime shows on the Hulu. Some of these are twisted. There is one with a fourteen year old vampire that wants to enslave an adult through the whole blood sucking thing. This guy is impervious to her charms and so she is in love with him and they are fated to be together. I may have missed something, still, that makes my plot look strait forward. Not to metion the whole underage thing. Maybee I missing something and she is really three hundred and just is traped in a 14 year olds body. I don't know if that makes it any better. Perhapse one of my readers can explain it to me. I suppose vampire things have never been my thing

We found a piano looking thing long forgotten in a storage space of our corps. Much like the accordions that we are trying to make a band out of. It turn out that it is something called a pipe tone organ. It does not actually have pipes. It has metal reads just like an accordion. The ruberised cotton that make up the bellow is shot. So I am replacing it with vynal. It is not going terrible well. still I think i can get it working. If that pan out we will have a period instrument that will go along with out stage show. We will see if our music sergeant can strangle a tune out of it when I get it in one peice. The mechanics of the instrument appear intact. This is since it was built around the turn of the last century.

It looks as if it was well used when it was in service. So I have had vission of bonnet clad Salvationist standing on a corner in Homesetead trying to save souls sing about Christ and preaching a little fire and brim stone. Well it look as if we will be able to revive that just a bit. We don't have bonnets. Ummmmm....... and we will be clowns who are soilders pretending to be soilders who are clowns. Hmmmmmm....... I suppose we will at least have the Jesus stuff and the instrument. I really should try and time up some sort of normal hobby.

Wait I have the knitting. By the by I also have some pictures of recent knitting on the camera. And my knitting is clown stuff. And my knitting group had an average age of 11. So apparently I can take the most conventional thing on the planet and turn it into something weird.

On the up side we did gat a computer for the clown room. So if we can get on line there might be live bloggin from our knitting group. That could be cool.

Well it is time to get back to Brigadier Mason and Fleet Lord Jefferson. Be saf eout there and keep your stick on the ice.

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