Saturday, December 20, 2008

 The blogger this is acting odd tonight.I am having a hard time getting pictures to wrap around the words. Well all this stuff will hopefully show up on the blog thing. I will have to get Oliver working on it. 
Anyway I have found a new problem no one else on the planet is having. These binders I have been putting the book in keep breaking. I suppose I could be more gentle with them. But I hate the three binder which are strong enough to last a couple months before I break them.
Well so I did what i always do when something is not going my way. I head to the hardware store. So to fix my binder thing I had a couple pieces of plastic cut and get some chain.
I tried the metal ring things and I broke them so I moved onto the chain thing. If I had my way I would keep the book in a box and take it out a page at a time as I need it.  This is fairly close to that.

I suppose I could go paperless. It would save tree if I didn;t use all the composition books. And I wouldn't need to wrestle with the printer and such. That would involve me changing the way I do things. I don't have the attention span required to do that.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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