Thursday, December 18, 2008

Make Up

Someone emailed me asking how you learn to put on clown makeup.
Ummm someone teaches you.
Anyway the first layer is usually a thin coat petrolum jelly. This makes it easy take off later. If you are using a gluer on nose you do not put it on you nose where your nose will go.
In the picture we see Apprentice Wilson having her make up put on. In our Brigade most folks do a couple shows before they learn how to put their make up. For this reason someone has to help them the first few times.
You will not that her hair is pink. She like me colors her hair in clown face. This is done first. That way you can wipe off excess paint with a wet rag. We use a temporary hair color called Color Bomb to do out hair.
Any way you then put on the color in this case white. When you put on the white you leave the spaces for the mouth and anything large. After the white is on you powder. This can be done with a sock full of baby powder or a powder puff.
After that you put on the color. In her case she had a red mouth and large outline of blue star around her one eye. After that we lightly powder the colored bits. At this point you spread around spirit gum on the inside of the nose. You then place the nose on the face and then take it off. You then take off the nose. You let the glue dry in the nose and on the nose. after it is dry you put the nose back on. The stuff is like a kind of contact cement I guess.
If you are using a wig you put it on at this point. You will also note the Apprentice Wilson was not in her costume. We tend to like to put out make up on while wearing a tee shirt. That way the costume goes on over and you don't get make up on it.
We I hope that is helpful. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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