Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A New Doctor

I am not ready for a new Doctor. I have been so engrossed in the book that I have not noticed that there was going to be a new Doctor. I was just getting up to the fact that we are loosing Donna as a companion. Sure she went out in a way that no one else had. Still, I think she was my favorite and to loos her only after one series is sad.

Tenant has been a good Doctor. Personally I always liked the older cranky doctors. I am not sure I am the one to guess about the next Doctor. I know that among most sci fi people this is some kind of sport.

The thing that has gone partly unnoticed is Russell Davies leaving the show. If something is going to change the character of the show it will be the producer.

Anyway it will be interesting to see what happens next year.

Moving on I have gotten through another round of editing the book. I have found just over seven hundred things that need changed. Most of these things are missing comas and little stuff. There were a couple continuity things and a couple things that really need rewritten. And yes i counted all the errors. That may sound weird or strange.

Also I have found 154 things that now need to be an entry in the Lexicon of this series. By the way the Lexicon thing is an encyclopedia for this series. Their is a nine foot long flow chart with the time line of the stories {I think that is really cool}. Of course it has the names of each character and their relevance to the story. I am about half way through adding all the new entries to the Lexicon. Which by the way, who even edits that thing will be clincally insain by the time they finish.

This is crazyness. I suppose I should have been a poet. Their stuff is really short. Well usually

A good time was had ketteling this week end. We went out Black Friday and Saturday. The Brigade did a great job. I continue to impressed by how well the young ones do at this. We are going to having our Christmas party this Sunday. We are going to an all you can eat pizza buffet. That should be fun.

Be safe out there and put something in the cyber kettle. Thank you and good night

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Kath said...

My favorite Doctor was always Tom Baker, but after that I'd choose the one just before Tennant. I really wish that had lasted longer.

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