Friday, December 05, 2008

If you can read this you are not the President

As we count down the day to our new President is inaugurated it does make me a bit sad. It was a bit fun having a President that cannot pronounce words and said silly things. Obama is many and unfortunately comic relief is not one of them.

The last President that I remember taking seriously was hmmmmmmmmm.........

I have not been alive for a President that I could take seriously. How has this country survived these last three decades? How did we defeat the Soviet Union? I America so awsome it does not need a serious leader.

I suppose Reagan was fairly serious. Still, there were those television shows with the monkey. And first Bush let's not go there. And at least Kennedy was chasing Marlin Monroe around the Oval Office.

President Elect please don't boink your interns. I am not sure what it will be like to have a President that will be loved by the world and respected by a bunch of people. I mean I have seen movies of FDR and Truman. I listened to Tony Blair so I can imagine what an articulate leader might be like.

Still it looks as if all the funny buttons and tee shirts have to be put away. Leno and Letterman will have to make due with making fun of Britney Spears. Oh well the party could not last forever.

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