Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Recent Show

We had a show at Christ Church on Saturday. We were part of an outdoor variety show. Over to the left is the crew we had for the show. You may recognise me in the center. I have been playing around with different hair color. A light blue and a silver rather than gray. I am sure everyone is enthrawled. In the Green is Walt. He went with a blue mouth instead of red as he did for the last show. The blue shows up better. He had a huge mouth. If it were anyone but Walt I would have thought that would be a problem. Still, he has a very gentle way and even as the tallest clown in the Brigade never frightens shildren. This is sometimes and issue for larger clown. My wife is on the other side of me. This was her first show in a while. It is her first clown show since being treated for Cancer. By the way thank you all for your prays she is much better now.
Rounding out our groups is Silly Lilly just in front of me. The newly promoted Kali Wilson is still experimenting with her face. She went with a neat reletively conservitive smile and heart of her cheak. She colored her hair for this show. The hair color bled in the white face because of the wind. She will have to braid her hair is she wants to keep the pink. She did not like the tie half way through the show. I though the plaid tie and stripped shirt was a great combo. Still, she has many good ideas about the type of clown she wants to be. I am sure she will settle on something great. She is cinsidering a heart nose tip. So that will probably change the make up skeme some.This was also her first show in makeup. 
Also having her first show is Alakazi or Danaysia Thurmon. She is the one in the check shirt and paisley suspenders. She loved the suspenders and like her hat as well. The umbilical cord with the large pom pom did her well for her. The extra room in the had was also a good place to whie her hair bun.  She wwent with white face and grotesque smile. She is considering a fairly large nose to finish off her make up. When she first put her faceon a work sheet I was not sure it was going to work out. Actually if I had to guess a face that was not going to work out I would chosen her's. Still, during the show she was dynamite and her face worked well for her. There are no many folks that are al pleased with the face their first time out as she was. I was impressed.
 I was impressed with everything. There was a fairly good crowd and they were a bit nervous about doing balloons. Still once they go into it everything clicked along nicely. I remember new people being nervous about going out in front of group a generation ago. This new group of kids is simply fearless. It is really something to see. It is odd that three or four adults have joined the Brigade that have not worked. out. Still, every kid was champ once that spot light was shined on them. A lot of folks have grim forecasts about the next generation of kids that are coming up. I have yet to see anything that would suggest anything but a bright future for these youngsters. Perhapse we as adults need to stop telling kids what they can't do. At this show these girst were the youngest performers by at least ten years.And of all the act they went and mingled with the audience to give out something.
Of and we did the knife board act that always kills or actually fails to kill. Still my aim with get better with time.
Since were were performing in Homewood we had to drive past tha nimal shelter. And what kid can pass up the opporetunity to see cute critters. Well our could not. So we went in and said hello to all the little pochies and kitties. Be safe our there and keep your stick on the ice.

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