Thursday, August 28, 2008

A poor excuse for kitten pictures.

Working on some clown knitting. I do not have pictures.Still there is cat News of various types. So it is time to drag out the Hitler Kitty. By the way the Hitler Kitty can speak properly. So if you have too much time on your hands visit: Yes That is a real site. It is sites like that that keep me going on this blog. That way I do not feel like I am destroying western civilization by writting this foolishness.
These are kittens. Namely the Thre kittens we have at the moment. The striped one is Max. That is Walt's new cat. He is energetic and likes to climb in my shoes. So in the next couple weeks Walt should be taking about foot injuries from cats on his blog. 
This varmit is Lydia. She is going to be my next cat. Actually I suppose she is already my cat. She is supper cute as well and not as fascinated with my foot wear.
We are still looking for a home for the third kitten. But we have them for at least another week. Be safe out there and keep you strick on the ice.

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