Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I Have Lowered my Price Again

I found a source of fifty cent composition books. I was disapointed that I could only find them in black. So I started gluign red strips of paper to black composition books.

As I did this I realized that my color scheme for the composition books does not really include black books any more.

While at a big box store today I found ahole bunch of colored books. So I bought as many as are useful to my color system.

At one point that was the miscellaneous color. Red was the color of one sci fi series and blue was the color of the other.

The system has now expanded. The two sciencefiction series were merged. So now the blue color was open.

 Red yellow and blue is the notes from our clown meetings. There are a couple of those running around. They were black books that are not being colors. I have no idea why.
Blue is now of the clown instructional series I am writting for the clown brigade. That one is going to be a big section. I can't beleive the amount of stuff that clown have to know.

This is the red section of books that I am typing in as we speak. Actually I am not typing them in now because I am rambling aimlessly on about the books. That is a knit me that my wife calls my voo doo doll

The green ones are for future Yarn Man stories. Beleive it or not I am writting mmore of those storeies. since the spelling and grammer stink so much I am editing them a bit this time. And the best way I can do this is to write it out long hand first.

Purple is a series of stories group under the title The Last Brigadier. This is about a retired Salvation Army Office who goes from Salvation Army to Salvation Army Corps to help out. This series has been something I have been kicking around for a while.

The yellow books are for recipies. I have not idea why I am saving recipies. I supposed I have in my mind that I will write a cook book some day. I tell  people that my favorite meal is fettuccini alfredo with sauteed crab. The readlity is that is is macaroni and cheese with fried peices of spam in it. So I have not bussiness telling any one how to boil water.

Yeah I have no idea why I am going on about this. It has nothing to do with knitting. Although not I think I need a new color. I have three black knitting note books. I think it needs a color.

Any one that reads this far and posts will get a special mention in the next entry. You should get something out of reeding this foolishness.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.


Kath said... special mention necessary. You already gave me a great video!

I love color coding, it makes things easier to find and fun too. I like metallic colors - silver, copper, etc. But if you don't like those maybe try orange or pink?

pghrachell said...

I already got a mention, right? I'm so there with the Yarn Man! I need to finish reading what you've sent over but I'm all about more!

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