Saturday, August 02, 2008

I Have Upped my Price

I am down to my last two Red composition books. For some reason that I cannot fully explain i have a weird color coding system for composition books. The most numerous of these books is the red ones. They are the ones that i write the sci fi stories in. Pictured to the left is one of these books I pulled off the internet.

I write everything into the composition books before I type it in. I find that making myself retype something help me catch a bunch of my spelling and grammer errors. Also I add stuff as a type the composition books into the computer. If I ever do sell a book and make money off it I suppose I could give them to a typist.

This typist would have to be a very special and tolerant person. Maybe if i get really advance I could dicate them to someone and I will never have need of Red Composition Books. My typist would have to be tolerant as well.And they would have to be able to guesse what I am really saying when I put three fs in the work Ohio. I don't know why I did it. That is one of thoise errors I picked up by typing the composition book into the computer.

People that read this blog on a regular basis will see the pitfalls of me typing stuff directly into the computer. If I could edit stuff i would be dangerous. I like to look at my spelling errors as God's way of keeping me from taking over the world.

I will say that the spell checker on blogger had helped out. If put an o and a nine in the word spelling the last paragraph. Well the number 9 I did not spell it out. That would be a mental illness if a spelled numbers in the middle of words.

Pictured to the right is my paragon of organization. Namely a bunch of milk crates that are zip tied together. Anyway in the milk crate is a sample of the composition books i have. They are sitting in a crate with a knit version of me. That is the Lexicon of the books I am working on.

I am rather proud of my organization system. It make not make much sence still it is mine. Anyway I have gone a rather long way with out explaining the title of this entry. Once again long time readers are used to this.

I will not pay more than a dollar for a composition book. I usually buy a bunch of them around back to school time. I am going through them so fast the last two years I have not made it through the year without having to buy new books.

Once upon a time I would buy them four for a dollar and then two for a dollar and so on. I have decided that I can afford to spend a dollar fifty per book. This may not sound Earth shattering. Still it is important to me.

By the way pictured to the left are the composition books for The Salvation Navy.

And If G dub is reading this he sould know that I have named a character after him that is incommand of a fleet. And he does not die in the first book. actually I don't think his character dies in the books. He just goes off and fighter other wars and does other things. I was just typing him into the computer so I thought I would mention it.

Anyway I went looking for red composition books. At the CVS in Oakland they were two dollars so i would not buy them even though they had several and it would have solved my problem.I did finf one for a dollar fifty at the CVS in Down Town. Why the same chain sells the same thing at different costs in the same tow is beyond me. I can only assume they are fleecing the college students who are too busy to comparission shop composition books all over town.

I went to the Officer Max or what ever it is down town and they did not have them in red. Pink, Aquamarine and lavender sure plain old red not a chance. They did have pallet of black. I really did think i should buy a bunch of black books and color them red. In lean times when i could not find red books I have done this.

I have covered black books with red lectrical tape or contat paper. I sure that doing this ups the cost of the book. It is probably not enviromentally sound and is bad for many other reasons. I suppose Ed Bagley Jr would hate me if he knew I existed.

Hmmmm.... I wonder if he googles himself. If he does this might come up. Then he would know me and know my red composition book predicament. Her could tell me about a process to turn black compostion book into enviromentally freindly red ones. Maybe he makes them in his basement and would send me designer ecologically freind composition books. He might hire me typist so I will not waste more composition books.

He would proabble ignor this page. Maybe if I get really lucky he could leave me a rude comment. Althought me appears to be a nice guy when he is being interviewed.

Onto some other randomness. Rachel was looking for pencil cases. Now when ever I go somewhere I think of finding her pencil cases. Here is a plastic one that I found at the officer store that did not have red composition books.

They had a bunch of pencil cases. I beleive she wants to use them for knitting projects, perhpase socks. I suppose that sweaters would be hard to keep in a pencil cases. I also think she wanted clear zipper cases as well. Something soft and not hard like the ones I found. I also found some of these cool looking cases.

I doubt that any of this is helpful. Still I thinking about it enough that I took some pictures. Surely the people at these stores think there is something wrong with me. If they read this blog they would proabbly be certain.

Any be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice. And if don't hear from me Ed Bagley Jr. got me

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pghrachell said...

Steven you rock my socks! (Some of which have spent their developmental stages in pencil cases!) ;)

By the by, if anyone ever includes a typists salary in one of your book advances, I'm actually aces at both typing and editing. And you already know I'm crazy enough to work with you.

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