Saturday, August 16, 2008

 Here are some cat under the bed. This is Abigail and her and here three kittens under the bed. Isn't that cute.
This is another kitten that does not have a name. I want to call her stripe.
 This is the boy. I could not get a picture with his eyes open.
We did another car wash. And this one did not go very well. We did it at our corps in Homestead. We did get to use the new car port tent. So that was kind of fun. Here is Apprentice Prelue and a couple of the neighborhood kids helping put up the tent. It was just like being the the circus again. Except the tent was really small. And there were no animals. A couple pigeons. But, nothing that would make this blog.
Here is Cadet Birmage, Apprentice Thurman and Apprentice Wilson waiting for the customers. Actually there was a great deal of waiting for customers. Like I emtntioner earlier this did not go terribly well.
This is the grill stand. It did slowly as well. Still, we had hot dogs and popcorn for the kids. And really the Brigade is all about making kids happy. And if this means hot dogs on a nice summer's day that is close enough. Well despite the fact we didn't do terribly well financially we still have a good time.
This is Carol at the grill. She always likes doing the food. She comes from a family of people that are all about the food. Her mother worked in a restaraunt and her twin brother is a baker. There is no candelstick maker. Like I said they are all about the food.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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