Sunday, December 16, 2007

Knitting Stuff with Pictures - Dave & Dave

Last Friday was the first meeting of the Men's Night at Natural Stitches. As luck would have it Dave and Dave from WQED's OnQ and Dave and Dave's Excellent Adventure wanted to learn about knitting. Fortunately, being a yarn shop we were able to oblige. Both Daves got a lesson in casting on and the knit stitch. Dave Rhodes {pictured here center} took very well to the knitting. He appeared to enjoy himself and got a couple of rows done in the time we had. For the Canadians reading this blog he is a fan. He can been seen wearing a Leafs jersey on his show. Dave Rhodes is a also a director for several local shows and has written for radio.

I am to the left and Walt, a new knitter is to the right. Dave Rhodes is in the middle. Look he is knitting, an action knitting shot on my blog.

Dave Hallewell is pictured left with their intern Katie. Dave is a producer for WQED {The local public television station} he is the one that called us to do the piece.

Not pictured is Frank their Cameraman and field director. If Frank wants to learn to knit he can come by the shop and we will show him.

Thankfully they did not give us much notice or we might have figured out that we should have been nervous. Oh and we are working on the hand made milkshakes. We had to give it up for the moment because Walt's fingers are getting cold. Still, we will figured out how to make a milkshake by hand. The only problem is Walt and I have very hairy hands. For those that were not there The Daves were debating what was better handmade Milk shakes or fast food milk shakes. I just wanted them to know that we are working on that in our spare time.

This sort of thing is one of the reason like I like this region. I am sure other places in the United States and Canada have local television. I have traveled around quite a bit and this sort of thing tends to get over done in many places. I have been to towns and cities where a local reported can not do a story on a dog with out someone jumping in the shot.

Here four people showed up with a camera did some filming and that was it. No injuries, no one mobbed the store. Still, there is enough stuff going on around here to keep one from getting bored.

Well that's it for now. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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