Sunday, December 09, 2007

Clown Chemo Cap in Red Heart

It is always fun to finish a project. It is one has been the most fun that I have had in a while.
One of the folks from the Charity Knitting group on Sundays is being treated for Cancer. I am sure I rambled on about all of this in the last post. What I did not have in the last post was a finished object.
This is clown style chemo cap. You have the traditional chemo cap edge on the bottom. Of course it is made of the traditional clown fiber Red Heart Mexicana. We then have the pointy elfin clown top with a pom pom type thing.
No for those of you that are saying Red Heart is harsh you are partly correct. This hat has been treated with the secret clown knitting trick.

You run it through the washer several times with a bunch of gold balls. Alright so it is not really a secret otherwise I would not have told you.
Still ,it really cool for all of you Red Heart Haters out there. You know who you are. And by the way you are on the Clown Naughty List. And you do not want to be on the clown naughty list. How do you think we pick who gets pied?
Anyway onto other subjects. I mentioned the tree at the shop a while ago. We decided To put the Aslan trends in it. By the way it is a great yarn at a reasonable price. Well enough pedaling yarn. Still, it is a really cool thing.
Well I may be bias in my opinion since I built the thing.
Charity knitting was good today. I got to see several people that I have not seen in a while. It is nice to go an hang out a group you have no responsibility for.
Well have a good evening everyone. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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Kath said...

I so do NOT want to be on the clown naughty list. That sounds worse than being on Santa's naughty list. Although, if one gets pied, one does get to consume whatever pie-stuff ends up in one's open mouth, on face, etc. - correct??? So it doesn't sound all bad.

Thanks for the tip on softening up the Red Heart. I've a few skeins in my stash that were in a bag someone gave me and I don't want to be a Red Heart hater (or a yarn snob) I just couldn't think what to do with the stuff, based on the colors and errr...behavior of the yarn. (It's old yarn too, if that makes any difference.) I mean, I did a stockinette swatch that didn't even curl! (Now that's some yarn with attitude!) But maybe if it softens up good in the wash it could be a baby blanket, and for that washable is definitely the way to go.

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