Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Critters

This is the Sally Dog. She does not like the camera. I working under the assumption that she is a rather large squirrel. My wife is still convinced that she is a dog. I am not buying it.

Yes the dog has nothing to do with the entire knitting thing. No I will not be spinning my dog's hair into yarn. Although she has very pretty fur. I could brush her but I do not have that kind of attention span. And my wife assures me that she will kill me if I shave the dog.

So there will be no dog hair sweater in the Zeeppo household. Oh Well.

The cat is abigail. She is the one eyed cat that has many health problems. You cannot tell she has one eye because her eyes are closed. She is on top of the little house that was built for her. She loves her house and the rubber mouse on a bit of metal.

By the way I am not allow to shave the cat either. We have another cat name Mariska who I was not able to find for a picture. She is Abigail's sister and is black. So they look a lot alike. Although Mariska has both eyes and no health problems.

To the best of my knowledge there is nothing else living in my house besides us. I don't know knitting people are always showing pictures of their animals. Maybe I should take some pictures of other animals. It would sort of be like an urban safari.


Kath said...

I always liked how you describe it as Sally's cat Mariska.

Anonymous said...

cute critters! missed your insanity last evening at knitting.

Steel City Knitter said...

I had my pair of black cats first. Stop copying me! :)

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