Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A couple Great Evening of Knitting.

It has been a couple of great evenings of knitting here in Pittsburgh. Hive Knitting at Joseph Beths was lots of fun. Most of the gang was there. We did some cranking on the Marley and I worked on some socks.

Walk finished the hat that he is knitting for his moths. He did very well. He has been working on for a week and it was supposed to be a surprise so i could not talk about it till now. The hat was made from purple Malabrigo. The hat was done in less than a couple weeks. Not bad for a first project.

The second night of knitting was the Ravelry Knit Together at Natural Stitches. We had a new person who is really excited about the Ravelry and Natural Sittches. Apparently she really likes yarn and friendly service. Some people have high standards i suppose.

With the way the holidays work we will not be having programs or Clown practice. . So that mean I will have Wednesday off. since I have the time I will pick a group to go to. I am not sure which one it will be. The Hurricane Knitters were fun. I also suspect that they were missing half their people so it might be nice to see them at full strength.

I haven't figure out where to get yet. I will be working on it though.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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