Monday, December 10, 2007

Clown Knitting

Life has begun to settle down around the Zeeppo Homestead. With the shop open and going well it has found it's stride. I am still loosing my mind over the various books that I am working on. And I may get to that craziness later.

On the clown knitting front great things are happening. The Knitting For War book is still plugging along. I am not exactly sure when it will be done. Progress is made every week. Still, knitting books are complicated things. I would like this to be able to do justice to the charity knitting scene. As it stand there will almost have to be a sequel. There are simply too many important knitting projects going on for them all to be put in one book. Heck I don't think I have been able to cover just what is going on in my own denomination.

The clown stuff that you see popping up on this blog are patterns that will probably show up in the book. Being that it is being written by a clown clown knitting has a warn and fuzzy place in my heart. That could also be the Lopi I ate for breakfast but I digress.

I am still looking for hats, mittens, sweaters. I would especially like a couple hat scarf mitten sets. I had to fit that in somewhere I am not sure that was the best place. Still, there it is.

Any way it has been very rewarding working on this knitting book. I have been on teams that have put together text books before. And I wrote a good deal of the copy for these books. Still, the best part , oddly, has been writing as the Brigadier.

Clowns do not get the chance to write books as their clown selves. And unlike an actor, clowns like to think that their clown persona is within them and comes out when needed. Yes, I know this sounds like a need therapy or Sigorney Weaver should be involved. Still, with everything in The Army I have been told alot about what I cannot do. Clowns ask Why not?

Perhaps that is why clowns run into so much trouble. Hmmmmmmmm, deep thoughts as a clown. Somewhere there is a shrink hoping to write a paper on this, but I digress.

Alright back to the subject. The Brigadier character is new for me. It is like an older less sane version of the clown persona that I have used for years. Perhaps being older I am less sane {Yes I picked up on that, thank you very much}.

Clown knitting continues and perhaps one day clowns will have the own knitting book {Everyone else appears to}. At Hive Knitting at Joseph Beths the clowns and I will be cranking on The Marley some more. With my hand injury we will not be able to use the scarf in the way we intended until at least the summer. That means Marley will not make it into our Spring Shows. Between the knitting book and several new clowns we have decided to concentrate on house cleaning things in the Brigade. Winter is the traditional time for getting things in order. Well at least it is among the clowns.

On the upside we have started looking at other clown knitting projects for the spring shows. We are going to work on long armed cardigans and hats that pull out to absurd lengths. We think the clown chemo cap will make it into the book, probably not the shows though. Although there will be a hat with a ribbed bottom instead of curled stockinette bottom.

Well that is it for the moment. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.


Kath said...

You've probably already thought of this but - what about a big sweater with multiple arms that a few people can fit into at the same time? Or even just two people - like back to back, or a tall and a short?

Lana said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! There is a picture of a very simple baby blanket on my blog if you are interested. Will all the clown knitting be only in Red Heart Mexicana? I've always liked that colorway. It's just happy:~D

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