Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fun was had Knitting. Deffending the Girls

a good time knitting was had at the shop today. I worked a little on a clown hat.
Perhaps I will even take pictures of it.

I would like to note some correction that have come to my attention. Long time reader will note that I am a poor typist. Number one I misspelled Walt's name and could not spell the word oMother. Also I had several comments about my pet's and my dog's cat Mariska. They were all very kind. They were all very kind.

I would like to note that someone suggested that I am copying their cats by having two cats that are black. Number one my cats are not named for beverages and are sisters. They came as I set. I only wanted one but I got two. And I bet Coke and Dr. Pepper don't nurse on a dog.

I have no idea why that was relevant or even matter in the slightest. I suppose I just don't like being called a copy cat. Yes that was a lame joke and I put you through way to much to tell it.

Anyway respect the freaky cats. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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