Sunday, January 27, 2013

No Busses for You

Found a Pitt ID Buss Pass thing a ma bob today. It has a number to a 24 help line. You cal them and they have an office that is open 24 hours. It is amazing that they have such good customer service. This student will get their ID back because there was an officer ready to receive it from a member of the public on a Sunday afternoon.

That is not the case of our mass transit system. Now I can understand that their office is not open at 3:00 in the morning. They are not running busses. Sadly most of the time they are running busses they do not have customer service. They do not have it for the first five hours of their work day and the last six hours of their work day. So if you are stranded at 10:00 in the evening you cannot find out if there is another bus. You are just out of luck if they do not run the bus you are waiting for. You just have to wait and hope there is another.

Five times in the last month I have been waiting for a bus that did not show up. When you call the next day they tell you the driver was sick or the bus broke down. How is it possible that in this economy they cannot find people who are willing to drive busses? Do they not know how many busses they have on the road? Do they not know that people get sick and busses break down? The only explanation is that they are doing something wrong.

If you call their customer service number they will take down your information and claim that they are going to investigate the incident. They will not call you back unless you call them repeatedly. They will then confirm that they messed up and thank you for telling them.

Of course there is no offer to make the customer feel better about their lousy service. No free bus pass or any kind of reparation for making you stand in the cold. Maybe they use the information to punish a driver. They certainly do not use the information to make the customer feel better.

If you ask to speak to a supervisor they send you to another person. This person must reinvestigate everything to make sure the customer is telling the truth. They of course will offer you nothing as well. I am now on my third level of supervisor who is not calling me back.

Well Monday is tomorrow and I will give their customer service another shot.   Be safe out there and keep you stick on the ice.

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