Saturday, January 12, 2013

968 French People

Over the last week I have received 968 hits from France. I have received 642 hits from the United States. I suppose this could be one French person checking in several times a day. That would suggest some kind of serious mental illness on that person's part.

Well looking at recent French news Gerard is now Russian. I am not sure why Russia was the place that he would go. Why not Italy of Switzerland? I can understand that a french person might not want to become German or British.

As an American I have a hard time understanding why this is news. I understand that he has been an iconic actor for France. Still, he is an entertainer. We give far to much weight to people who's main purpose is to divert us from reality. This should not be someone making news. The same goes for actors, clowns, comedians and the like.

Well be safe out there and keep your stick.

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