Wednesday, February 22, 2012

There is actual honest to goodness knitting prograss in this entry. And on top of that once again i am knitting something odd.

First off is a little sewing. I am making balls for juggling. he is a lovely basket full of sewing jugggling balls As you may not they are not round. these are balls for people that are learning how to juggle. And cubes are the best thing for people that are learning how to juggle. First and foremost when you drop them they stay where you drop them. if you drop a ball it will go whee ever it can roll. this may not sound like much. Still, if you are jugling this gets annoying when you are running all over the place looking for your balls. Make up your own jokes if you must at this point.

The other thing that was have been trying to do is sew round balls. I have tried a four segment style and a two piece style modeled on the base ball. It is a real pain to make them round. I am not be good enough with the sewing machine to do this. even so I am giving it a show with some scrap fabric from a bag making project. Neither came out round.

Well as stated the sewing them round is not working. So i am trying knitting them round. This is my first attempt at knitting a round ball. It was too loose to hold the stuffng. As I type this I have a half finished balls make with a smaller gauge set of needles. hopefully it will hold the stuffing better. the stuff is wood fuel pellets that are used in wood burning stoves.

As you can see it is round. It also does not take foreever to knit. The down side is that knitting one of these take the same amount of time as sewing three cubes. Well when i get better I will put up a completed set that looks nice.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice

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