Friday, February 03, 2012

New Jimmy John's

I am in the new Jimmy John’s Shop on Grant Street in Downtown. They do not have the wifi so this is being type into a word processor to be posted later. The place has all the ambiance of a jiffy lube. They are blasting a radio station too loud and since the place has tile floor and wall it is echoing all over the place. It is weird the place on Liberty Ave does not have these problems. And if I want my Pepe I will be going to that one until the fix the bugs in this place.

I do really like the bread they make their sandwiches on. And the staff is always relatively nice. At the Downtown McDonald’s you are as likely to get stabbed by the staff as you are to get a burger. So this is nice here except for the music that sounds like it is playing in a bucket. If I was ever going to buy a fast food franchise this might be the one that I did. Not that I would I know little about the restaurant business.

I am working my fingers to the bone on juggling balls these days. There are a couple college kids at the CMU Juggling group that do not have decent Juggling Balls and very few folks at COAI have good balls either. So a few more sets and there will be good juggling for everyone. Well at least those that want to juggle.

Many jugglers who have trouble blame what they are juggling. Much of the time this is horse hooey. Great jugglers can juggle just about anything. New jugglers do need a decent set of bean bags with a wee bit of weight to them. I love the Dube Squosh balls (their bean bags) still, they are ten bucks a ball. If you are just starting out you do not want to spend thirty bucks on a set of balls.

Well that is probably all you want to know about juggling balls. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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