Friday, September 03, 2010

The Golden Rule Show Revisted

It is two in the morning and i am looking over some red composition book and a four year old scrip[t for a clown show. The two have nothing to do with each other. The composition books are from a very old story that I have not touched for seven years until recently. The script is the first stage show that the Steel City Clown Brigade did. In fact it was being written before the Clown Brigade even had the name that it does now.

A couple of churches have asked if we would be willing to do a show for them in the future. For the last year we have been more involved in skills building than doing stage shows. We have been in a few variety type shows and have made a good showing for ourselves at them all. We have even done a couple revivals which was a new experience for us. All and all it has been a great crowing experience for us. Now it appear that it is time for us to get back to what we were doing when we founded the Brigade a few years ago. We need to do a stage show.

Six months ago we had a grand plan. We wanted to deep six the conservative music that we have been using and switch to Gospel Music. Since Walt and I have joined the choir at Second Baptist I do admit we have become enamored with it. Frankly i have always loved to listen to Mahalia Jackson. The bottom line is that we do not know enough yet. And it is also a small miracle that I was able to spell her name correctly. I am terrible with names.

We also wanted a show that would be a showcase for our new skills. This grand new show is something that I think we could do if we put our minds to it eventually. Sadly I think it would take us too much time to put it together. It might be another year of us messing around with it. During that time we will not be out there evangelising.

Something else that worries me is that I think the younger clowns of our group are ready to be out there performing. They loved doing the mustard seed show. Unfortunately it we very prop heavy and we did not get our props back. the Golden rule show was much simpler and had almost no props. We need to drag it out and dust it off. It never really had it's time. We only performed it three times before we moved onto a bigger and better show.

I must admit that i very conflicted about this decision. I want to make the right decisions. This show was first done with all adult with the exception of one show were JC Stewart.

Among the changes that will have to me will be the fact that there will only be two older people in the cast. The Sergeant Major part will be played by Sergeant Thurman. The physical comedy of the Corps' soldiers will be done by Sergeant Wilson and the JCs Brimage. When this show was first done they were all probably too young to get in front of group and speak. Now they are going to carry the entire show just a couple years later. It is odd but I do not have the slightest reservation about them carrying the show. In fact I don't have a single doubt that we will be able to pull this show together in short order.

It is odd how we sometimes end up just where we started with an entirely new perspective.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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