Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Lost Empires

The last couple months i have been kicking around a short story that i never really finished a few years ago. As mentioned before there is an arch of stories that are all intertwined. the first of these stories deals with the first time travelers to the distant past.

In this distant past is a benevolent empire that learns that many of it's citizen become enslaved in the future. One of the species that makes up this empire become enslaved and are the subjects of various genetic experiments. Among the time travelers is one of these beings that has been experimented on. This all happens when he is a child. He is latter adopted by a Japanese Family, hence the name Hero Yukawa.

Hero eventually does well for himself and takes over the family business empire. Which is one of the things that puts him in the position to get involved with these time travelers in the first place. I have been having a very hard time trying to figure out what the long term damage of such a childhood would be. I know that there are people that have experience unspeakable things as children and go onto do great things.

Hero was created as a soldier and is rather good at killing people. to deal with this he has refused to fight directly. He used his superior intellect to design weapons and eventually defeat those that had once enslaved him.

Still through all of this he never knew where he came from. This adventure when his is much older. He had some idea that his people originated in this mythical Empire. Even so it has been gone so long that there are bearly ruins of it in his time. I do not think I am doing a very good job with him. He should be a very complex character and he is not coming off that way in this story. I have written about him when he was young. It was so much easier when his anguish was fresh. I know that he has never come to terms with his personal demons. He never marries and his only progeny is adopted.

I just don't know where he is supposed to be.

Well thank you for letting me ramble. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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