Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Clock Ramblings

I was waiting around for the bus and felt compelled to purchase a steno pad. It is not a real one with the wire binding. It is one of those that is glues together with the peice of cardstock on the back.

For some reason I forget the composition book that I was working on. It may be a good thing. These stories need a rest one and w hile. We had a good practice and every went well on that front.

My current aparatus bag is falling apart. It was the prototype for the others that we are currently using. So it is not surprising that has not lasted long. What we thought was tough material does not hold up in the wash as well as we would like. It has been very useful in working out the design for this bag. I counted and there are sixteen minor difference. Nine of these have been patched or repaired on my bag.

In Wilson and Thurman's ap bags all of these thing were done differently. So it looks as if the minor changes were a good thing. In a year or so we will know if they are actually improvements.

On otherfronts our one eyes pirate cat Abby has had seven kittens. there are adorable as kittens should be. Six are black and one is tiger striped. If you are looking for kittens they should be ready in a couple months. Her last batch was very freindly and social. As an added bonus Sally the dog is helping to raise the kittens. So they will be very comfortable around dogs. I have not caught her trying to get them to nurse on her. Still, I am sure this is a coming atraction.

I've had a really lousy time with the allergies the last few weeks. I have just not had a desire to do much of anything.

Near where I live is arather large clock on the side of a building. the building was a brewery at one time. Now I think it is some kind of housing for artists. At&t is curretnly leasing the clock for advertising.

The thing that I am wondering is if people still built large clocks.. I wonder if they are a product of a time when personal time peices were lesss acurate. In an age when your iphone can be corrected to the nuclear clock at Annapolis are these relics of a bygone era? Perhapse they are. I sill find them interesting though. There is a reletively new one on the Jewish Community Center n Squirell Hill. It is part of a modern building complete with Hebrew Characters.

i suppose if it was jus about elling time there would be digital clocks everywhere. Tall buildings would have the time in neon numeral ten feet tall. The fact that many new clocks still have hands must mean tere is something belonging to tradition with these time peices.

I am not sure why anyone would think my thoughts are relevant on this subject. Hack this is a world were people have a website dedicated to cats that look like Hitlar. If that is relevant then perhapse these ramblings are as well.

By the way cats that look like Hitlar are called kitlars. If I think about it I will throw in the link.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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