Thursday, November 19, 2009

Random Things

Something very interesting has been happening with my books. Long time readers will recall me rambling on about this and that. Most recently I have been rampling on about the first series of books. Currently there are four outlined series of books in the same fictional universe.

The first series is The Salvation Navy. This is about the war to try and liberate a group of slaves and the skisim in The Salvation Army brought about by ethnic intolerance.

The Second Series is the Ignored Calling. This deals with the destruction of the slave network and the near destruction of The Salvation Army.

The third series centers on the Solar Fleet of The Salvation Army. This series happens hundred of years after the first two. It deal with the fall out of those wars. It also shows a strong Salvation Army. Humanity is a super power in the war against the Taterin Empire.

The Fourth Series deal with the religious intolerance in the Taterin Empire.

Before all of these is a series of short stories. These short stories are fragments of plot outline, a chapter here and there and actual complete short stories. These fragments are the thing that the rest of the series are based on. In trying to get the first Series together I have revisited these stories.

I am thirty pages into the rewrite on the chronologically first story in this series. It cover the childhood of John and Evangeline Jefferson who are two of the main character in the first and second series of stories.

These strange thing is that this short story may be the first thing of this mass of stuff to get in some kind of print. A young artist in our Clown Brigade is rather good at drawing stuff. One of the things that she is interested in doing is do a magna series. The thing that she is missing is a story line. So it is odd that this has come together in this way.

As soon as I have more on this I am sure I will ramble on about it. Thank for tuning in.

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