Saturday, November 21, 2009

A post from jpop Asia

[color=limegreen]Something that I have been playing with is Asian Food. I have been working disastrously on Sushi. I have had the worst time with the rice. It is simply not been anything close to what I think that it should be. One of the bright spots of this exploration has been Chinese Food. I have the soba noodles and have been grilling stuff and vegetable with garlic sauce. This has been fairly good. It may not be the perfect representation of Chinese or Japanese Food. Still it is something more Asian than I am used to making and it is starting to come out right. The next Chinese food that I think I am going after if General Tso's chicken. That is one of my favorites int he shops. So I think it is something that I need to make at home.

Tonight I have made some chicken fried rice. It is cooling off a bit before I eat it. Still it tastes pretty good.

I will let you know how the Asian Food thing is working.

There is nothing on the Pa-paru Panda front. Still I will let you know if anything is happening. [/color]

Something else on the radar is The Final Voyage of the USS The Sullivans. This is really shaping up. Like I may have mention an artist it turn it into some kind of graphic novel magna type thing. I am not sure which it is. Still there you go. I am editing and reediting the short story that the thing will come from. I will be finished with the part that is going into the first one by the end of the week. I may even post it on line here. So that will be exciting.[/color]

Something else to mention is the fact that I have now added Lime Green to my color thing on the gizmo here. So there is some fine color coding for you all. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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