Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Still No Knitting

The only problem with working on the book so much is that there are no good pictures with it. Being that I type with two hands I rarely have the extra hand to take pictures of myself while writing. I suppose I could take pictures while I am writing the rough draft int he note books. Still, that would be incredibly boring. No one wants to see pictures of me sitting at a computer. And if you would then there is a pill out there for you.

On other writing Fronts The Writing Committee of the Clown Brigade is going swimmingly. We have started looking at other sections that need to be written. A great deal of what we have been doing has been going on my memory of what we did in other places. This as you can imagine, is not the greatest way to go about things. One of our goals is to create a body of work that another group of people can take and create a Clown Brigade.

We figure that we will need at least ten of the Proficiencies written out before this can happen. After that there are around forty or so that will have to be written out. So this is an incredibly complex task. We figure that it will take a several years to do this.

Walt and I have been the core of the Writing Committe for the better part of the last years. More recently my wife has been working on the spiritual Prf.

The Brigade just started working on the Prayer Prf. This is neat one that Carol wrote. The first level of this one is a great little primmer for starting off some one in prayer. With in the Brigade we find that the things we talk about most of discipleship. This is an interesting subject with the kids.

In many ways the kids are further along in this than the adults in the Corps.

Well along opn other random stuff I saw this reletively new Dido vid on the yahoo music type thing.

I knew an old timer that always said leave them with a song in your heart. He was also a firm beleived that you keep crackers in your pocket to keep the pigeons happy. So you can take or leave his advice. Still, he was popular with the pigeons.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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