Thursday, January 15, 2009

Junior Clown Thurman

Another fun day was had a Brigade Practice. Since it was snowing we had reletively light attendance. Even so we had enough people to have a Board of Review for Sergeant Thurman. Sergeant Thurman is an Apprentice clown that has been working very hard on her Jr. Clown Rank.

Yesterday she passed the board of review with 34 out of fourty question correct. If you are into our system of clowning that is respectable. So congrat to Sergeant Thurman. She get a blue shirt and she does not have to wear the funny sun glasses anymore. Unless she wants to. Rank had it's privilages even in the clowning world.

Once again here is a song on the internet radio. This is a song by Nelly Futado. I can remeber the name.

Be safe out there and keep you name on the ice.

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