Sunday, July 13, 2008

Random Stuff

I have been busy with this and that. Mostly i am trying to get all of the first book in The Salvation Navy Series into the computer. I have it written out on a bunch of composition books. If I ever sell this book I will hire a secretary for the next one. It is really better for the rest of civilization if someone does the typing for me.
On the knitting front these are there three clown hats that have been knit thus far. The rolled up thing is a short Long Scarf (only 25 feet). this is the first scarf that I made for standing kettle with the army. Sot it is old and full of mistakes. Still, for practice it is a great little thing. Especially for the kids since it is shorter and easier to handle.

On something unrelated entirely what is with the Numa Numa stuff on the you tube. I had no idea that kind of thing existed. Perhaps I should be paying more attention to fads and trends. If I get someone to type for me then I will waste more time looking for stuff like that.

I suppose one could become famous by doing weird stuff on the internet. If that is true then where is my fame. I can wonder off on a strange tangent no one cares about better than anyone I know. Perhaps there are people that care about that Numa Numa thing. Maybe that is the different I have to do something interesting that people care about.

Well that sounds like a great deal of effort. Perhaps I will just keep going on about random unimportant things.

Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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