Thursday, July 03, 2008

Don't Leave You Accordion in a Hot Car - Trainwreck Edition

Did you know that the insides of an accordion are usually held together with Bee's Wax. By the way the only way to be an ubber nerd is to play the Accordion. So of course I have taken this instrument up.

If your Accodion is making a rateling sound and many of the keys do not make a sound this is a problem. It means that the metal reeds on the inside have fallen off the inside of the Accodion. I of course know this because I took apart out broken accordion. The wind chest gizmo thing on the button side with the metal reeds that had fallen off.
And YouTube was to the rescue again. This is a clip from a discovery chanel show. I forget the name of the show but they show you how stuff is made.

With this clip, a sodering iron and a quick trip to the hardware store I was able to get the keyboard sideof this device working again. The case is warped in servaral places making it leak air in several places. This apparently is bad for the operation of one of these things.

This is the prettiest of the accodions we have amassed. It has more notes than the Hohner that I use and has a softer sweeter sound. Since most of the reeds have fallen off the button side it will take me a while to get it working again. I also need to find some straps to wear this instrument since it did not come with them.

In my regular You Tube Hunting I found Wolfgang Thobae. He has several of the Hallmarks of a good accordion player. First he does not look at the Keys. Second he is able to play both sets of keys on his instrument. Third he can read sheet music and play at the same time. And fourth he does not have the notes written on the keys of his accordion.

As an added bonus he is playing a larger and new Hohner accodion like the one that I use. This give me hope for my eventual upgrade when I know what I am doing.

Moon River

Scarborough Fair

Good By Yellow Brick Road

Knights in White Satin

House of the Rising Sun

Just for I have to mention the most famous American Accodion Players. Of course this is Weird Al Yankovik.

If you have watcvhed all these videos you have won the wated time aware for the week.Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.


Littlelou said...

Good on you for playing the accordian. I am from a little Scottish village called Auchtermuchty which is where very famous accordianist Jimmy Shand lived. Have you heard of him?

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