Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Do I know who Jimmy Shand is? Oh do I.

I love Jimmy Shand. And how many people have some one write a song anoud them. This is especially rare in the music world. And it does not count if you wrote it about yourself. That just makes you a burk. Does Fifty Cent have a song about him, No. Madona, Prince, Sting, Lawrence Welk, No No No and No.

Amadeus Mozart, Bach and Jimmy Shand do.

By the besides the Pennsylvania Polka this is my Favorite Polk ala Jimmy Himself

And Just to be out there.

Just a bit of Trivia Jimmy has more pieces of Music to his name than the Beatles and Elvis put together. Few people other than Robert Burns himself have done more to save traditional Scottish Music than Jimmy.

If could play the button accordion I would buy a Shand Morino. This is the same accordion that Jimmy played. Jimmy didn't like the accordions of his time and had one built to his specification. Hohner still makes it today.

Jimmy passed away a few years ago. Still he left us legacy of music that few can equal.

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Littlelou said...

Great post Zeepo!
Have a lookie here..
You would love the traditional music weekend in Jimmys hometown!

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