Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Want This Pen

I want to find this pen in a normal type store in the Pittsburgh area. It is comfortable and have filled at least one composition book using it. I found one of the bus a month ago. Since then I have refilled it using the insides of other pens.

Perhaps that is a bit nuts. Still, it is what I have been doing. I appears that I have been writting too much the old fashioned way by hand. Anyway I developed a huge callous on my middle finger. And using this pen for the last month it has gone away.

I have looked it up on their web site and I see no way to find it in a store. There are a few places to ordr it online. Still, I don't usually like buying small things on line. I am looking for a pen for pitty's sake. I would prefer not to spend five buck on shipping for a two dollar item.

My only regret is that they do not make it in red. And even if they did I have not been able to find a reasonable way to buy it. I suppose I am a bit off like that, I have to write into the note book in blue. Then I type it into the computer and print it out. Then I correct it in red. And long time reader of this blog know that if I have to edit something that is going to take a good number of red pens.

You know Bic should make a metal version of this pen. Or a version that is not disposable. I would buy that pen. Heck I might even send away for that pen. I will not send away for a plastic pen.

Thank you for your time. And if you are from the Bic Corporation please tell me where you sell your pen in Pittsburgh. I need a couple blue ones and a bunch of red ones when you start making the red ones.

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LaurieG said...

Did you try the Pitt bookstore? I'll be going soon-ish to get books for fall term, I'll check it out and let you know.

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