Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Idiots with Fire

There is lots of interesting stuff to talk about in the performing world. First things first, the Brigade is doing well. We have had some great practices recently and have a new member who is fluent in ASL. This is great because it has been one of our goals to learn it. We took a couple classes at the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf. They were good for the folks that took them. They then told us that the kids could not take further classes. I even offer to take the classes with the kids. Something about that don’t have classes for kids unless they have family who are deaf. Well this has left us to our own devices. My mastery of ASL is lousy at best. I can get the idea across but I have no one to talk with. We have been having classes at Tuesday practice of our own. We have everyone up on the animals color and some basic greeting. It is not much. Still, if we have to do a Show in the Deaf Community we would be able to do balloon animals.

Pittsburgh Fire Arts continues to be an issue. Their leader, Doug, claims that he contacted the police and fire department. I have contacted the police and fire department and they never heard of him. In my conversation with Doug he claims to be a proud Pot Head and feels that blankets are the best way to be safe around fire. Can a blanket smother fire? Sure. Will someone high on pot or drunk have the same response time as a sober person with fire extinguished? Absolutely not.

Is it a pain in the neck to cart around a fire extinguisher? Of course it is. I do it on the bus all the time. Is that a reason to lie about taking proper precautions?  The sad part is that the actions of this person have limited my options. If they had not thrown me out of the facebook group I could have appealed to everyone else for better safety. Perhaps he is lying to them about the research he has done.

I would really like to see an event like this take place. I could not live with myself if the price of that event was that someone gets run over by a drunk or Squirrel Hill gets burned down.

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