Monday, May 14, 2012

Clown Polotics and Blogger Gets Even Worse

Blogging continues to be something that I want to do but do not do. It is not as if I am too busy. I have the notebook with me almost all the time now and still I cannot remember to knock of a page of text here and there. I am creating all kind of useless pages of fiction. Still I cannot find the effort to tell people about rather ordinary life. I would say that I have had nothing interesting to report. That is not the case though. There are strange happening with the COAI locally and Brigade continued to be a source of inspiration and consternation.

Well I might as well ramble on about the COAI. The COAI is the Clown of America International. It is a club for clowns basically. When everything is working correctly you go to the meetings and learn stuff about clowning. Our local chapter has fallen on hard times. It’s membership is down and for what ever reason they did not allow young people to join the alley. After bring my young folks to the meeting for a year this rule was change to reflect the national organization. Now young folks are allowed to join the alley.

At the last meeting the old President brought a copy of the bylaws that they typed themselves. In this copy they made a couple of changes including raising the membership age to it’s previous level. My young folks, as one might expect, felt annoyed by this. How do you explain to a kids that an adult does not want them around. It is even sillier when even the kids can see the group needs members because it is about to die. Now this is just one person of an other wise relatively stable group. Well stable for clowns anyway.

Blogger continues to get worse as time goes on. They have once again changed the format. AS far as I can tell they have not added any new features or made it any better. They simply moved around the stuff. If I did not have so many posts I would move them all over to wordpress or somewhere else. So if you are reading this and thinking of starting a blog. Don’t do it here.

Well be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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