Thursday, May 31, 2012

Arby's is better

I am still not loving the new blogger that has been forced upon us. I spend part of today looking at other blogging sites. I think I need to learn what ever language these things are written in and buy a server to host my own site. This might be expensive and more than my attention span can handle.

Well clown stuff is still plugging along. The knitting group has met once and will meet again. We are going to meeting at the subway at station square. It is not the first place that you think of for knitting in Pittsburgh. Still it is a great deal more comfortable than you would think. They have nice plushie chairs and don't play terrible elevator music. I will take and post pictures of our never meeting.

Also on the fast food front. I continue to be amazed how bad the service is at the down town McDonalds. I went to the Wood St location and was standing in line. A staff person was scooping crud out of the french frier. They when took the strainer and smacked it around inside a garbage can. They then stuck it back into the frier and repeated the procedure. I asked the person is they were beating their scoop inside a trash can. They replied that they were. I turned around and left. I want to the Arby's next door. I wanted a cherry turn over. I asked them for the cherry turn over and they said they were out. The lady at the counter apologized and asked if I would like an apple one. I replied that I never had one and asked if they were any good. She gave me one for free as an apology for not having the cherry ones. I am certain the McDonalds would have just told me I have to have the Apple one or leave.

And yet for some reason the McDonald's is always packed and Arby's does not have the same crowd. Granted this one is physically smaller. Still the service is so much better and the staff is actually nice to you. If the Arby's had wifi I would never go back to the golden arches.

Well this is me checking in., Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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