Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bus Posting

I just finished the last Two and Half Men. It was not bad. I am not sure if this means they are getting rid of Jake or what. I suppose they could get some mileage out of him being in the military. Maybe he just wants out so that this show does not kill his acting career. I should probably look up to see if he is coming back next year.

On other fronts I continue to blog on the road. I happen to be on the 61D tooling through Oakland. I am very tired for some reason even though I do not feel as if I have done anything. I am on my way home from Bible study and it was very good. This is probably the largest Bible Study I have ever been apart of. If I did not see it working I would not have though it would do so well. Perhaps it has something to do with it’s novel structure. Everyone is given a verse or two to take home. You are then to come up with how you feel the verse impact what ever the given subject is. You get some very interesting insights from the other folks there. 

Well I will catch you all later. Keep you stick on the ice and be safe out there

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