Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Strange Adventure

One of thing that I have always been convinced that i cannot do is draw. I never had much luck in art classes so I just figured that it was not one of my talents.

For some strange reason I got it in my head that I should have the first set of short stories turned into some kind of Anime. They have a bizzar enemy and the entire thing is stuck in a world caused by a horrible temporal shift. So it is the kind of thing that would make a great cartoon type thing if you are into it.

Actually the idea came from a couple of the Elves. I will get back to the Elves later.

It was also a series that I have thought was a bit silly. So I never did anything with it. It was just the back story to the more important Salvation Navy and Ignored Calling arc of stories.

Anyway, the elves are a group of people who have read part or heard of the various plot lines. Some of the Elves are people that I know in the real world. Other elves are people that I know on line and i have never met in real life. In the last year or so there have been several people from Japan who have been commenting on the various things that I have been rambling about. A couple of these elves have read chunks of Ballington Booth's Legacy. They noted that the Character Major General James Booth had time traveled before but there is no mention of details in the story. There was someone with a rather bigoted view of the world. Booth commented that he had faught and defeated people like them before.

The Japanese Elves asked who Booth had faught. I replied in an email to an Elf that he had faught the NAzis when an alien race helped them win the second world war. Since the entire plot was preposterous I never really did much with it other than write the short stories in high school and throw them in a drawer. This particular elf continued to ask questions and I sent them the only chucnk of the story that was typed into an electronic media. they thought it was wonderful and would make a terrific anime type comic thing.

I floated the idea of illustrating the sory with a couple folk who do the drawing kind of thing and they thought it was neat but were too busy to do it themselves. The Elf then suggested that i attempt to do it referring the the picture of ships that I have drawn that occasionally appear on this blog type thing that i ramble through from time to time. I told them I couldn't and they suggested that i give it a shot. So i bought a book and followed the directions.

In a strange sort of thing it was not entirely bad. I am not sure if this is something that I can practice and do or not. So I suppose I am going to give this foolishness a shot. Perhpse I might even finish something for a change.

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twelvedaysold said...

It's refreshing to hear that you are looking to see what the best media is for your stories. I think anime sounds good. Some people (authors) don't always look to see how their story can be best portrayed, whether that be by novel, play, musical, or movie. They are all very different and they don't always work for one story. Keep it up!

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