Sunday, May 16, 2010

Commodore Yamato Yukawa

I have really noticed that coloring these things with pencils is not the way to go. Granted I am using a childcare's set of colored pencils. they are not professional style ones. I did break down and a couple of good pens to do the black lines with. Still I am doing stuff with childcare's implements. Even so it does reflect where I am in this process.

Well anyway this is Commodore Yamto Yukawa. She is of course Japanese and not exactly Humans. She is the Android Avatar for the battle ship Yamato. Being that she is self awware she has been adopted by Dr. Yukawa.

She is fun character because she chooses to stay in a child like body. There are several reasons for this including the fact that you don't think she is threat until she wants you to think that she is a threat. She is a character that I have been playing around with for years. I am not sure how many of the short stories about her and plot outlines are actually going to part of who she is in these stories. Of all the character she is the one that has the least set about her. I know what is going to happen to everyone else. Her I am not sure yet.

She an Evangeline have a very special relationship in this series. Because the Yamato chooses to stay at this age physically she has more in common with Evangeline. Her past times are solitary and in some ways a bit juvenile. She likes to draw and prefers to read. She also like her father has to come to term with her abilities that are far more than the average Humans.

Well just checking in. Have a good morning everyone. Be safe out there and keep your stick on the ice.

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