Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Juggling Ball Obessions

Juggling balls have been a minor obsession over the last couple of years. I have sewn them, knit them, crocheted them, filled balloons with sand, slit open ball pit balls and turned them into juggling balls. They have been stuffed with sand, wood pellets, BBs. ball bearings, ground up walnut shells and even water. They have been cube shaped, pyramids and now sort of round. As for the round we have tried all kinds of ways to make them round. We have tried six pieces, ten pieces and even one horrible experience making them like a mini soccer balls. The closest on the round we have gotten to is making them like a baseballs. Odd how the one sport I like to watch turns our to know the easiest way to make a round juggling ball.

Tonight I am going to bed after making one ball that is the closest we have ever gotten. A millet filled baseball shaped juggling ball. It is still not perfect but it closer than I have gotten thus far. The newly minted ball is sitting in bed with me as I type this before I turn in. I locked all the cats out of my bedroom so they will not play with it. In the morning I will stuff two waiting shells with millet and sew them up. If all goes as planned I think this will be as good as we can make them without industrial sewing machines.

I would like to thank the members of my clown troupe and the Masters of Flying Object Juggling Club at CMU. Their feed back and testing has been invaluable. Also none of them have tried to have me committed for my obsession and have been down right polite about it.

When all is said and done it looks as if these balls will cost around 2 dollars a set to make. That is not bad. Heck it down right affordable when you consider most juggling balls are ten dollars or more a ball. As I look at the finished ball on the pillow next to me I realize two things. First my quest to make the best juggling ball I can make may be at an end. Second I need a girl friend.

Thank you all for you time, help and understanding. Now I wonder if I can make a decent juggling club.

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