Saturday, October 12, 2013

Facebook needs Customer Service

Facebook continues to be a pain the neck. The Brigade has a facebook page where we put up our practices and events. Members check what they are showing up for. When it was working it was a nice thing. Sadly it is not working. People who have left the group accidentally cannot be invited back. I have tried over and over and not been able to figure it out. Of course there is no customer support from facebook. There are tons of ads and if you click the wrong thing they try and sign you up for a video game advertised by a half naked cartoon. I wonder if female members get the same half naked cartoon or if their half naked cartoons are male.

Well anyway. I would like to fine a social network site that all of the Brigade members can log into and get regular updates of what we are doing. That is the sad thing about facebook. Surely they have made money off the tons of adds that are plastered through out the thing. Heck now I am getting ads that appear to be entries from other users. Of course they are put in because everyone has learned to ignore the ads on the sidebar. You would think they had made enough money to have a customer service department. Maybe they have made their money by convincing a new generation of customers that they do not need to be respected.

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